Ah, carpet ownership’s pleasures. But let’s face it; they can be a big headache when it comes to dents. They make our homes cozier and warmer. I’m referring to those unattractive depressions that seem to emerge from nowhere and just won’t go away. You know the ones I mean. But do not worry my fellow carpet owners; the oxi fresh carpet cleaning says it is simple to remedy those dents.

Let’s determine what caused the dent first, then. Could it be caused by moving a large piece of furniture? Alternatively, perhaps it originates from a busy region with much foot traffic. You’ll be able to choose the best course of action if you know what caused the dent.

Simply rearranging the furniture will cover damages brought on by hefty pieces. The weight of the furniture is compressing the carpet fibers; by shifting it to a different location, you will be redistributing that weight and enabling the fibers to spring back to their normal position.

You will need to apply more elbow grease to remove dents brought on by heavy traffic. In the beginning, gently lift the carpet strands with a spoon or butter knife. Afterward, reposition the fibers by gently massaging them with a clean, damp cloth. For the fibers to be able to bounce back into place, this will aid in relaxing and softening them.

Another technique is using an ice cube and placing it over the dent while waiting for it to thaw. The carpet fibers will begin to re-stand as the water evaporates.

Remember the strength of steam, too, lastly! Apply gentle pressure to the dent with a steamer or steam iron. The fibers will be helped to relax and be able to return to their original place by the heat and moisture.

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